A Nervy Night Awaits….

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me messages of support, whether on Twitter, Facebook or by text, and/or donated on the JustGiving page, I really appreciate all of your support. It’s great to know that so many of my family and friends – old and new, near to home or far away – are behind me! Thanks for supporting me, and naturally the #StayStrongForOws campaign as well.  I’m also lucky to have the support of my parents, my wife, and her parents in Paris itself and was glad of the distractions on the train on the way over, despite one card player having a seriously bad case of wandering eyes (no names…….he knows who he is!!!).  

 So many questions are already running through my mind…..should I eat this, should I drink more….or less? Walk more, or not at all? How will the start go tomorrow? Will I be hampered by slower runners who will ruin my time? Will I struggle insanely toward the end….? This is my first marathon after all, as regular readers will of course know, and the unknown is perhaps the biggest worry of all.  Although last night wasn’t a great night’s sleep, I seriously hope tonight will be better, even though it probably will not be entirely restful! This trip is all about 3hours and (hopefully!) 30 minutes tomorrow so if things don’t quite go to plan, I’ll have to try to roll with the punches!


The hotel we have chosen is very comfortable with some lovely views over Paris by day and by night, and it is also very conveniently located for tomorrow’s race start, although a little far away from the Gare de Nord and the Salon de Running, where I needed to collect my number and timing chip this morning.


  In the Salon I had a small dispute as I wished to amend my target time down from 3h45 to 3h30.  Eventually this was agreed, so I suppose I’d best note let these people down either now! We also found my name on the “Wall of Runners” – a bit of a gimmick, but when in Rome….(or Paris)!!

The rest of today is very leisurely, in fact a little boring! Having returned to the hotel, with lunch of salads, cheese, apple and some gluten free biscuits, my feet are up and the TV on, although sadly only showing rolling 24hour news in the absence of Canal+ which has coverage of the Racing Metro match!  

 So here we go…..a calm evening, massage, good meal, hopefully a good sleep. Followed by an early morning, lemon ‘tea’, beetroot shots, energy bars, stretching, warm up massage, short metro ride and a nervous wait in a pen…….and then, time to go….  Who knows what the next 20hours have in store…..hopefully I shall be back with some good news on social media right about then!